Bad Santa - A Re-imagining of the Old Guy

Bad Santa - A Re-imagining of the Old Guy

Posted in on December 25, 2010

Santa is busy this time of year checking his list and packing his sleigh, so we thought we'd the hard working old guy a tribute. But, instead of going with the traditional "jolly old St. Nick" theme, we decided to present different takes on Santa Claus, showing various looks and, well… attributes. We hope you enjoy (and aren't offended by) this re-imagining of Santa.

"Desert Santa" by Karyn Lewis


Santa in the Southwest, complete with shorts, sandals and sunglasses. We gotta ease you into this thing afterall...

"Santa" by Rob Molenaar


He's part man, part machine, but ALL Santa.

"Merry Christmas!" by Piotr Paczkowski


Santa the Barbarian and his no-holds-barred pet Wladymir. He comes bringing tidings of pain and anguish.

"Christmas Trio" by Karyn Lewis


Kitty Klaus and his helper mice. I'm not sure if he's taking or leaving the gifts...

"The Night After Christmas" by Dan Mills


It ain't easy being jolly.

"Silent Night" by Matt Dixon


The kids lay quietly in bed listening for the sound of reindeer on the roof. This isn't quite what they were expecting...

"Zombie Santa" by Stacy Drum


We're hoping he doesn't show up this Christmas...

"Zombie Santa" by Mattias Snygg


Keep the chimney closed, windows shut, and doors locked. This Santa isn't looking for milk and cookies... he's after brains... braaaaiiiins!

"Evil Santa 2" by Dick Adolfsson


We had to save this one for last. It's gross, it's offensive, and you're children are probably crying now too. Billy Bob would be proud.

There you have it. A re-imagining of Santa Claus. Hopefully this doesn't land us on the naughty list... Maybe next year we'll give Santa a more traditional review... Merry Christmas!

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