Futuristic Spray-on Clothes!

Futuristic Spray-on Clothes!

Posted in on December 20, 2010

Finally an invention from the pages of science fiction has become a reality. Spray-on clothing, which has been featured on sci-fi shows like Futurama on more than one occasion, has been realized.

In 2000, Fabrican patented an instant, sprayable, non-woven fabric. Recently, this invention received media attention when it was awarded as one of the top 50 inventions of 2010, by TIME magazine.


The original idea of spray-on fabric came from Manel Torres' work in the fashion industry, but it has uses beyond clothing. The technology has potential uses in medical, automotive, and design industries.


The clothing is applied via aerosol can or spray gun, and adheres to the surface of the model's skin. When sprayed, micro fibers are "cross-linked", creating a single, durable mesh that conforms to the shape it is applied to.


When applied directly to the skin, the spray forms a lightweight, flexible shirt in minutes. Different colors can be used to add some style.


The model wears paper and cardboard forms that will help shape the material to the desired shape.


A fashion show was held to demonstrate the technology and show its uses as a quick prototyping material for designers.


This image shows the similarity between spray-on clothing on Futurama with real-life spray-on clothing. Fabrican must be fans of the show because the color is exactly the same.


Video of spray on clothing in action:

Visit the Fabrican website for more info,

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